The good foot

How did we ever survive before the internet? For those of us that are just a little bit older than the world wide web, who grew up when the world was connected through a series of pneumatic tubes like the ones at the bank’s drive up window, things can actually start moving too fast. Really, it’s basic biology. Our bodies developed in slow space, not the hyper active digital environment we live in today. Advanced communication was  talking on a phone with a really long cord that you could pull into your bedroom. Texting was done on an electric typewriter and the delete button was nothing more than a small bottle of White Out. Back then, the body developed differently. Your eyes moved less. Your fingers moved less. There was less clicking, tapping, scanning, and sitting. I’ve got to believe that as we move into the next millennium the human body will evolve into something with larger and more powerful eyes, a bigger brain to collect all that data, and smaller, pointier fingers for better tapping. Oh wait, that sounds and looks a lot like all those aliens that keep visiting us. Oh well. Too bad about losing all our hair though. Must be the radiation. So, for folks like me, things are starting to move way too fast. But then I see something like this old clip of James Brown offering up some simple dance steps. How awesome and how real. My wife and I saw James Brown live at the Lowell Civic Center in Lowell, Massachusetts (shout out for Lowell). Always the Godfather. You can’t replace experience with data. It’s just not the same. Keep dancing.


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