Calligraphy skillz

Calligraphy is one of the more traditional forms of writing but perhaps one that we’ve lost touch with the most. Unless of course you are in the wedding planning business and you’re addressing envelopes all day. Even then business is probably slow. It’s fair to say that calligraphic traditions from around the world (think: Asia, Persia, Olde English) result in some of the most beautiful letter forms out there. On the street it’s a different story. It’s rare to find writers who have been able to successfully reinterpret calligraphic traditions. It does happen, like in the work of Dutch designer, calligrapher and graffiti artist Niels Shoe Meulman. If you haven’t seen his work you should check it out as well as the book by Adam Eeuwens titled Calligraffiti. But wait, this post is about Seb Lester, another great calligrapher pulling from age old traditions. I came across this amazing video of him effortlessly writing black letter. Watching him work is kind of poetic.


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