Master of none

IMG_0352I’m good at a lot of things, not great, just good. But I’m finding it real hard to get anything done lately. Must be all the pills I’m taking. I was in Basel last summer. I’ve heard plenty of great things about the city and I did my level best to make it as great as I’d heard. But you just can’t force things. I was able to see some interesting stuff, found some street art and paid my museum admissions. And like any good design slave I made my way out to Vitra for a tour of the campus. But what I liked most about Basel was the way people floated down the river that splits the city. I had just been in Zurich doing something similar where the lake empties out into the city. In Basel, the fast current and the distance of the float was impressive. I could only imagine floating away down the river, out of town, and off into eternity. Maybe lost forever. Or was that just the pills talking. So, here at home I’ve armed myself with everything I need to get out into the world and share some creative energy. Maybe I’m too old. I go to bed at 10:00 p.m. and I’ve got zero interest in hitting the streets late at night (or early in the morning). I think that coming up with the idea is much more actionable than taking action.


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